2023 MLBC Scholarship Recipients: Duncan Troy, WVU student, Jason Ferola, WVU student and Bailey Miller, Marietta College student. 

MLBC Scholarship

The Michael Late Benedum Chapter of the AAPL is committed to serving the land profession, including men and women who will be future leaders in our industry.  To that end, the MLBC Scholarship aims to assist these promising future leaders with the cost of their education.  Each year, the scholarship program awards up to $10,000 to college students actively enrolled in AAPL-Accredited Petroleum Land Management / Energy Management programs within its region.


Applicants for the MLBC Scholarship must:

  1. Be enrolled in an AAPL-accredited PLM/EM program within the MLBCs region.

  2. Be actively involved in the universitys student land-management/landman association.

  3. Express an interest in pursuing a career as a landman.

  4. Be willing to attend the annual MLBC Awards meeting as a guest of the MLBC.

Click Here for the MLBC Scholarship Application


Completed applications must be postmarked by May 1 each year and include:

  1. The Application for MLBC Scholarship Form, with legible responses to all questions and any required attachments.

  2. The applicants legible responses to all essay questions.

  3. The signature of the applicants current PLM/EM Program Coordinator.

  4. Sealed official transcript(s) from each college or university attended.  The transcript(s) should include both last semesters grades and a cumulative GPA.

  5. A Copy of the AAPL Code of Ethics.

The MLBC Scholarship Committee will fully review all qualifying applications and, using defined grading criteria, recommend one or more students as award recipients to the MLBC Executive Committee.  The Executive Committee will select the award recipient(s) and the amount each recipient is to receive.

Past Recipients

Jason Ferola, West Virginia University, 2023
Duncan Troy, West Virginia University, 2023
Bailey Miller,Marietta College, 2023
Ross Keller, Marietta College, 2019
Ted Uminkski, West Virginia University, 2019
Jared Foreman, West Virginia University, 2019
Craig Rench, West Virginia University, 2019 
Tyler Cumpston, West Virgnia University, 2018
Nathaniel Carlson, West Virginia University, 2018
Brad Smith, West Virginia University, 2018

Reid Croft – West Virginia University, 2017
Brad Smith – West Virginia University, 2017
Morgan Rich – Marietta College, 2016

Gary Short – West Virginia University, 2016
Ryan Ulam – Marietta College, 2016
Tyler Murray – West Virginia University, 2015